A few words from some of the artists I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with over the years!





(From ‘Inventing Necessity – Honeycomb Rooms‘ album liner notes)

“Jon Mychal’s vision and musical breadth of spirit were pivotal for the completion of this project. His work as a Producer expanded in to bassist, guitarist and aural landscape designer. He calls himself a “sonic architect”. This, I have learned, is not hyperbole. You see, I am writing songs because of and within a tradition that I have never intentionally studied. So in a way, Jon’s work included a rooting, a fastening of sorts, where my songs became more ‘themselves’ because Jon correctly read them and perceived their origins in the soundtrack we as westerners share. Thanks Jon. This album became what it was supposed to because of your talent and generosity. If you dig the bass line in ‘Alien’ as much as I do, it is a pleasure we owe to Jon’s passion and expertise. Thanks man.” – Stefan Samuel




(From Tristan Ledingham – ‘Crash In To Me’  album liner notes)

Jon, you have been an incredible mentor, never pushing me in a direction I didn’t want to go. I am proud to have collaborated on this project with you – thank you for your patience and guidance over the last two and a half years.” Tristan Ledingham










“There are so many reasons that I have found Jon Mychal and The Sonic Spa to be the right fit for myself and my project. There are so many in fact, that I am finding it difficult to both list them all and separate one from the next. I suppose that is the first and most wonderful thing about what Jon does. The way that professional competence, just the right quality gear, comfortable environment, and his pleasant, easy going, and organic approach culminate into an exceptional experience is what leads to a wonderfully productive and creatively satisfying endeavor. He has truly delivered for me a champagne experience on a beer budget. 

When I first came to Jon I was tentative and protective of my material. Many of the songs I wanted to begin working on I had been carrying around for almost a decade and I wanted them to be interpreted and brought together in such away as to do justice to the way that I had been hearing them in my head for so many years. I must confess that so far, none of them turned out the way I envisioned. Quite thankfully, due to Jon’s gentle and mutually creative suggestions, they have turned out better than I ever could have imagined. I have come now to the realization that often is the case that the one creating the music doesn’t hear it the way the audience does. Give one of your audience the technical now-how, some good gear, and a real passion to create a quality tunes and you have Jon Mychal. The man who, for far less than what he is worth hourly, can take you on a journey of exploration of exactly who you are as an artist and an individual and exactly what your music means to you and what it means to those who hear it.

But if you are sure about what you want, Jon is dedicated to making your visions come to life. On several occasions he has gone above and beyond with some of the details to ensure that what I heard in my head was most accurately translated to the song. His intuition on when and where to apply his various techniques of leadership in his profession is uncanny. For those looking to produce a larger scale project that would include multiple musicians, live drums, and a finished professionally mastered album, fear not. If Jon can not accommodate what you need at his facility, he has had the wisdom to surround himself with leaders in almost every field of music production. I have employed all of his colleagues on several occasions. From live drums and class A mastering, to Jon’s own masterful instrumental ability, the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Do not be fooled by other studios that have spent ten’s of thousands of dollars on appearances. After all, when you’re listening to your record ten years from now, the fact that the studio you recorded it in had an expensive oriental rug will not matter much. Spend your money where you know it is going directly into your project and not into the extreme overhead of a bigger recording house.”  – Daniel Lewandowski