I love the challenge of Mixing songs for artists who are often thousands of miles away. One must rely heavily on a keen sense of musicality and intuition!




“When recording a song I wrote in 2012, there was an issue where I wasn’t able to make it sound like I wanted it. I tried for weeks and was unhappy with the turnout. After running into Jon, he mixed my song for me. The quality came out superb! It sounds like I was in a studio and got some really good feedback from my fans. I will have Jon mix my next project as well since he knows how to make the songs sound like a high quality studio mix! He’s also very easy to get along with… another plus with working with him!” – Marcel T.



“I love where you took the songs… and still don’t get how it can sound like that??  Impressive, my friend – cheers!!”  Gabe Altrows