You could easily pay anywhere from $100-$300 per song at the bigger studios for a great sounding Mastering job… but why?





(On Mastering ‘Skascraper’ – ‘4 the 1‘ album – GERMANY)

 “Hi Jon, It`s sound awesome, i try it in the Car, iPod, at home on a kitchen Radio… everywhere it`s blow our mind… greg was jumping around,, because he hat a little bit fear about Jesus and i, but….. Bang !!!  here it goes…. in my 42 Years i have made over 10 CD`s and on of them was over 30.000 $ production… but i`ve never had a warm, round sound like this.( it `s this north american Sound you don`t get here ) OK… the mixing is a another thing 🙂 ( we are in practice HIHI ) great Job Jon…. The CD is now in the factory to press and print. Thank You Thank You Thank You! God Bless!” – Guido Becker (‘Skascraper’)

“Hey Jon. Sorry that this”thank-you” mail took so long to write, but, I have been more than just busy… 🙁 
O.K…… We are all very pleased with the end result… it just simply ROCKS… 😎 >:o 
Thank-you very much for getting it done so fast.
I’ll let you know how our CD release party goes, and I will recomend you to every project that I do… Great stuff…
Be blessed and keep up the great work…” – Greg Hall (‘Skascraper’)


(on Mastering the single ‘Will O Mine’ by ‘Two-Bit Player’ – USA)

We had our last album Mastered in a well-known studio in NYC. Your work on the new single sounds scarily close but at a fraction of the price! Hell Yeah!! We’re all blown away!! Thanks so much, Jon! We’ll definitely be back when the album’s finished! You rock bro!!


(on Mastering ‘Fright Night’ and ‘FooDoo’ by ‘Six Side Die’ – Canada)

“The mixes are easily as loud and punchy as the new DEFTONES album! Awesome!” – Anthony Xander