Mmmmmm... Analogue!

Mmmmmm… Analogue!

It’s 2016, and like everything else, studio rates are increasing everywhere.

Or are they?

I’m happy to say that since I relocated The Sonic Spa, I’ve actually been able to LOWER my rates across the board by consolidating work spaces, staff, etc.







Guess who I’m passing that savings along to?? 😀


You’re an Artist — hang on to some of that cash!


The NEW rates for unattended sessions are as follows:

MASTERING: CAD$65 per individual song (approx. €50 or £40)

3 or more songs – CAD $55 each

(album discount available on 10 or more tracks)



Because every project differs in both size and scope, I like to communicate with the artist or band personally and arrange prices that Rack droidsare specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. I generally start with a flat rate of CAD$250 for up to 18 individual tracks (includes mastering!), and for every additional 8 tracks, add CAD$50. (For projects with more than 40 tracks, contact me directly for a quote.)



“Mixes? Pay for three and the Fourth one’s FREE!!”

Send me an email with your specifics, and we can take it from there…


If you’re an artist or band looking to come in to the studio and work with me directly, check out this page for more specific pricing and options.

(additional transaction fee may apply when using PayPal)