Could YOUR songs use a “Sonic Spa Makeover”??



Your home recordings + The Sonic Spa’s Professional Treatments = POLISH!


A Few Examples in various genres of a Mix and Master done in The Sonic Spa / Sky Mixing:

(Make Sure you use Studio Monitors and/or High Quality Headphones to Catch all the Subtleties that Make a Good Mix Sound Great!!)


*All audio samples are in 320kbps mp3 format for bandwidth purposes*



Daniel Lewandowski – Bad News




Little Red Drops – Shine at Night [ti_audio media=”626″]




  Jon Mychal – RIDE                     [ti_audio media=”873″]




Peter Kraft – River Flow               [ti_audio media=”631″]


Hip Hop


Ghon Este – WAR                              [ti_audio media=”1110″]


 Mixed Your Songs already and Just Looking For a Killer Mastering Job??


The Manley 'Massive Passive' tube EQ - another one of my favourite (not so) secret weapons!

The Manley ‘Massive Passive’ tube EQ – another one of my favourite (not so) secret weapons!

*RMS/Loudness levels vary between -7db and -10db on Mastered versions based on client preference*

Listen for Improved Balance, Stereo Image, Punch and Depth!


MORRE – House on the Hills (Alt. Rock)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”1132″] After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”1133″]


Samara York  (Indie/Pop)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”1119″] After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”1120″]


Dennis McCalmont – Take a Breath (Acoustic Rock/Soul)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”881″] After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”884″]


Six Side Die – Fright Night (Metal)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”1121″] After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”1122″]


Adrian Pain and the Dead Sexy  – Like I Do  (Hardcore/Metal)

Original Recording:  [ti_audio media=”770″] After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”771″]


WAR MACHINE – With You  (Melodic Rock)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”715″]  After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”716″]


XEPHYR – Break  (Alt. Rock/Metal)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”711″]  After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”712″]


PMS – Detox  (Alt./Punk/Hardcore)

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”713″]  After Sky Mastering: [ti_audio media=”714″]




Check out the “Before” and “After” tracks below for an example
of how dramatic the results are on modest home recordings!

(make sure you use studio monitors and/or High Quality Headphones!)


              Emotional Arsonist – 10 000 Things


Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”875″] After Sky Mixing: [ti_audio media=”877″]


               Stephen Martens – Bitches in Cabriolets

Funk/New wave/Rock

Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”768″] After Sky Mixing: [ti_audio media=”868″]


Gabriel Altrows – City Lights 


Original Recording: [ti_audio media=”65″] After Sky Mixing: [ti_audio media=”66″]


Regardless of genre, I can give Your songs that Punch and “Shine” You hear on Major Label releases!




If you’re ready to take your songs to the next level, send me a note and

let’s talk!


Jon Mychal