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Control Room

Jon Mychal in the control room – spring 2005.

this page is dedicated to the first incarnation of ‘The Sonic Spa’ on Fairlawn ave. near Avenue rd. in Toronto.

The studio first opened at that location in July 2004 under the name ‘The Cabin’, reflecting the rustic, old school flavour the space exuded based on its original design comprising pine, cedar, hardwood and stone, initially constructed in the late 1970s. It operated as such until 2006 when the name officially changed to ‘The Sonic Spa’.

That location remained fully operational until Dec 2009, at which time it moved to a new spot in midtown Toronto between the areas of Davisville and Leaside until July 2013.


More photos, sound files, and anecdotes will be coming soon…

Live Room with guitar1