Universal Audio logoBeyond having one of THE coolest, most comfortable (and acoustically tuned!) rooms in the Galaxy, I also have some pretty sweet toys I’ve managed to collect over the years!

From classic microphones and pre-amps/channel strips, “boutique” Compressors and EQs, etc. (click HERE for a detailed look at some of  the outboard gear I use!), to the UAD-2 state of the art 64bit plug ins package from Industry leader Universal Audio, not to mention the best Slate DigitalSONNOX, Brainworx and others have to offer, you can be certain I’ve got just the right thing to bring Your songs in to Focus!


vertigo vsc-2


Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work with and own some truly legendary gear — from Studer 2″ tape machines and Neumann tube mics to Neve EQs and pre-amp strips, as well as classic analogue consoles.
That being said… I’m totally thrilled by just how authentic the newest generation of 64bit plug ins are sounding??









Some of my personal favourites which have been seeing the most action lately are the Slate Digital VMR (Virtual Mix Rack – shown),VCC  (Virtual Console Collection) and the VTM (Virtual Tape Machine). There’s not a mix on the planet that won’t benefit from any of these hotties!


It really does sound as slick as it looks!!

It really does sound as slick as it looks!!





After nearly 20 years of using computers and software to record and mix music (and yes — I’ve used ’em all!), my DAW of choice these days is Steinberg’s CUBASE 7.5 64bit  (think Pro Tools on Steroids!)

Click on the link to understand why. 🙂



Using Pro Tools? No worries — Cubase 7  makes for smooth, seamless integration with any DAW You might be using (Logic, SONAR, Reaper, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Garage Band, etc.). No Muss…no Fuss.
Gotta love it!


Regardless of your platform and method, I’ve got the experience and all the right tools to take your songs to the next level…