General good vibes from some great folks! Thank You!



“If “people make the place”, ‘The Sonic Spa”s one of the coolest places I know.” – Paul Pacey








“Jon’s finely tuned musical ear is coupled with his senses of understanding and insight. While teaching me the guitar, he put sincere effort into personalizing a learning plan designed to fit with my level of experience.

We have also had many fascinating conversations about philosophy, world
politics, love, friendship and music. An extraordinary individual with a
lot to share.” Brandon Strickland



“You know, you were the 1st professional musician/producer to ever believe in me/my work. Our time in the studio taught me so much about studio technique, how to make my voice be the best it can be, and gave me the confidence to pursue music. So thank you for being there for me at the beginning. Without you, I don’t know if I even would have had a beginning.” – Sarah Belle