Having just noticed the date of the last blog here, I was amazed at the passage of time! So much has… [more]

Changes…!! Changes...!!

… And They’re Off!! :-D

  So the first week of the new "Local Artist Walk-In Special" is wrapping up, and I've already… [more]

… And They’re Off!! :-D ... And They're Off!! :-D

Lions or Lambs…??

It's March 22 in Toronto, Canada, and I'm sitting in the studio with the windows open, fan on HIGH, and… [more]

Lions or Lambs…?? Lions or Lambs...??

Great gear on a budget!

I just finished a session, and while we sat around swapping ideas, fave pieces of gear, etc., I couldn't… [more]

Great gear on a budget! Great gear on a budget!

Little Red Drops…

An intriguing title.  And for me, quite visual: It's the name of a new project I'm currently working… [more]

Little Red Drops… Little Red Drops...

Studio Renovations and other Pleasantries…

So the new Control room is almost finished! It's actually hard to believe! 12 new 2"x24"x48" floating… [more]

Studio Renovations and other Pleasantries… Studio Renovations and other Pleasantries...

The New Sky Mixing Site is Finally Up!

Well then! After some time in the works, various shifting ideas, and finally, implementation with… [more]

The New Sky Mixing Site is Finally Up! The New Sky Mixing Site is Finally Up!

Welcome to Sky Mixing

Sonic Spa

Hey there - Thanks for stopping by!

If you didn’t click-through from my “brick and mortar” Recording Studio, ‘The Sonic Spa’, then you probably haven’t heard what I’ve been up to lately — check THIS out!

One of the coolest new things I’ve been doing recently is what I like to call “Sky Mixing”, and it’s basically just what it sounds like – mixing and Mastering songs from around the World using 'the sky' via ftp!!

No matter what size your song projects are, I’m up for helping You take them to the Next Level so you can confidently share them with the world!

Silver Condensor Mic

How does it all work?  Listen here!